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Samantha was one of the first suppliers I placed an order with before I opened Three Flamingos Boutique. She was so helpful and just a lovely human being. So I though where better to start our Interview series, than with Samantha. 


I always love hearing how people came up with their business name, why did you choose Squiggle & Squirm?

For the first 2 years of her life my little girl was known as Squiggle. People seriously thought we had named her that (we are totally not that cruel! Lol).

When she was first born and still in the maternity ward in those clear plastic bassinets she would constantly end up squashed against the side of it. I’d move her to the middle and she would just mover herself right back. I was talking to my Aunt (who is essentially my mum) about this when she came to visit and she said ‘yep, they squiggle about right from the start…’

Squiggle stuck. And when I started crafting I just had to put that in there.


Why sewing? How did you learn? 

My Aunt is a quilter; my grandmother was a seamstress and my mother also liked to craft so it was just one of those things I think. I learned to hand sew, knit (I am a horrible knitter!), make tapestries and crochet early on so progression into sewing was natural for me. I made my first proper bag while in high school (and won a prize with it as a local fair!). I got my first sewing machine at 21, spent some serious time learning quilting with my Aunt and then things just blossomed from there really.


What is your workspace like?

Organised chaos. Everything has a place and I like order, but when I get in the zone with orders and gorgeous prints things can get a little messy. I have a large desk, 3 sewing machines, my computer set up, a huge mint coloured clock (which I love!) and all my cottons are in rainbow colour order.


Can you name the biggest lesson you’ve learned in running a business?

Always keep wine on hand? Seriously though… I have learned so much already and I think the biggest thing I try to keep in mind is that there is still so much to learn. But being organized and having a place is something I have learned is vital in staying on top of things, keeping customers happy and staying somewhat sane.


How do you manage the Mum life/Work life balance?

Preschool. Man do I LOVE Preschool! I get alone time to focus on my work and kiddo gets to play with other children, learn cool stuff and fill her shoes with sand (soooooo much sand!). By sending her to preschool it means I can get my work done and then on the days where little one is home we can just enjoy each other.


What’s in store for Squiggle & Squirm in the future?

With my brand being rolled out to 9 stockists already and the launch of a brand-new website just this week, this year has been massive already, and I am hoping to keep the ball rolling.

I love making gorgeous handcrafted garments for gorgeous children, and I hope to be able to keep doing that for a long time yet. I have some very exciting plans for long term goals – but you will have to stay tuned for that….


Fast Five

The first thing I do in the morning is: Put the kettle on.

I never leave home without: Spare hair bands and a water bottle.

A pet peeve: Running out of bobbin thread 2 inches from the end of the line.

Early Bird or Night Owl: Early Bird by force (why much children wake so early?!) but night owl by nature

Coffee or Tea: Tea. By the truck load. Total tea fanatic here.

When Samantha isn't behind the sewing machine, you can find her here:




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