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Today, the gorgeous Claire from @mum.wife.oils is here to tell her story. I am always looking for ways to help support my families health and wellbeing, and Claire has done just that. She's here to tell you how.

Hi I'm Claire, wife and mama of 2 beautiful babes. I came across Doterra essential oils at a time in my life when I was searching for solutions for the health needs of myself and my family that couldn’t be provided after many appointments seeing specialists and doctors. I will be honest in saying I was somewhat skeptical at first, of the idea that oils deprived from plants being able to work so effectively in providing an alternative to over the counter medications. I took a leap of faith however and bought my first starter kit. I was blown away and have never looked back.

As mums, we truly want the best for our kids, our family and our home. When our kids are under the weather emotionally or physically, it's hard to just sit by and 'wait it out' because there isn't anything safe over the counter that can be prescribed to help them. I remember the days and nights waiting in the 8 to 8 medical centre or waiting to see a Doctor only to be given the advice to administer panadol and 'keep the fluids up'. ( Don’t get me wrong, Doctors are amazing and we do need them). Doterra essentials oils offer a safe and effective solution for so many different needs .Instead of just masking the health issue on hand, the oils work at a cellular level to help repair and restore the body. I am so thankful I found Doterra. It has taken away my mum anxiety and replaced it with confidence that I have the tools I need to take control of my families health. Our kids love having the oils applied. It's a regular part of our day and an enjoyable one.


So what do we need to know when using oils on kids? First of all, not all essential oil brands are the same. When using essential oils, especially on little ones, safety is so important. Doterra essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils and each bottle undergoes many different testing processes to assure it is 100% pure and safe. This gives me the confidence that I’m using a high quality oil that isn’t diluted with synthetics or has chemical contaminants that can harm my family. Diluting the oils is also very important when using essential oils with kids and babies. kids have smaller bodies so don’t need as much oil for it to work and may have more sensitive skin then adults. So less is more. Diluting the oils won't reduce the effectiveness of the oils; it just reduces the strength of the oils and allows you to cover a larger area. We love to use Doterra Fractionated coconut oil with our oils as its colourless, odourless and not greasy.

Listed below are a few of our favourite oils to use with our kids and what we use them for.

On Guard - The Protective Blend. Anti-bacterial and a great immune system support. We apply it to the kid's feet in the morning and at night before bed to keep their immune system strong. When one of the kids is sick we diffuse On Guard in their room throughout the night and in the living area where they play through the day. This helps to kill off air borne germs that escape from sneezes and coughs. On Guard can also be made into cleaning products such as surface spray, hand sanitiser and hand soap which are a great replacement for chemical laden commercial products in the home.


Easy Air - Respiratory Blend. Our go to for anything to do with breathing and for opening the airways. When one of the kids is sick and congested or coughing, I mix 1-2 drops of Easy air with fractionated coconut oil and apply to chest,back and feet or diffuse in their room. This helps them to sleep more soundly and to reduce wake ups at night.   

Digestzen - The Digestive Blend. The ultimate tummy tamer for anything tummy and digestive related. Constipation, diarrhoea, wind pain and reflux are some of the nasties we use Digestzen to bring relief for.. We dilute and apply 1-2 drops on stomach and feet, up to 5 times a day if needed. For an adult, a few drops in a glass of water to drink is a great remedy too.

Lavender Peace - The Calming Blend. A little bottle of heaven great for settling and relaxing little ones and assisting in getting them off to sleep at night. We just apply 1-2 drops to the feet or forehead. It is also great used in a diffuser in the house for when the kids are a little rowdy, picking fights with each other and chaos is in full swing.

Balance - Grounding Blend. A great one for mummy to use to help reduce stress and create a sense of calm. I use this especially in the afternoon as dinner time/bedtime routine is approaching. We find it helps our kids when they get emotionally overwhelmed. We apply a drop on each foot of our 4 year old daughter each morning to help her emotionally as she is going through a major developmental stage at the moment in understanding feelings and emotions.


Lavender – Great for ouchies! It can help with teething – just dilute and rub along the jaw line. And we also use lavender oil as well as Tea Tree oil on cuts and scrapes to help soothe and repair. We also pop a few drops in the before bedtime bath to relax and calm the kids down ready for bed.

Wild Orange – Our go-to for Night terrors and Anxiety. For a number of weeks our 4 year old daughter would wake up multiple times through the night worrying about things such as shadows and noises . After diffusing wild orange in her room for a few nights we found the wake ups stopped and she began sleeping though the night again. The whole family was grateful haha. Even just smelling Wild orange from the bottle helps me as a mum when I start to feel anxious or overwhelmed. 


Doterra essential oils have changed our lives and I couldn't imagine life without them. For more information on the oils or how to get them into your home please don't hesitate to contact me.


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